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Auto Pro in Shelby Township, MI offers a full line of brake service for cards, trucks and SUVs. Our technicians are ASE certified, fully trained and ready to handle all the brake repairs you need. We are dedicated to your safety, and to the protection of Shelby Township area drivers.

Disc Brakes

As the name implies, disc brakes work by using a disc brake rotor, along with a caliper to slow the vehicle and bring it to a safe and secure stop. In a disc brake system, the rotor is connected to the wheel. When you step on the brake, the caliper holds the brake pads in place, and the friction brings the vehicle to a stop.

Drum Brakes

Unlike disc brakes, a drum braking system utilizes a brake drum. The brake drum is connected to the wheel. The drum braking system also uses a wheel cylinder, a set of brake return springs and a set of brake shoes. When the driver steps on the brake, friction is created, and it is this friction that brings the vehicle to a safe and secure stop.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes work differently from either drum or disc braking systems. Compared to these older systems, anti-lock brakes are designed to provide superior traction and enhanced stopping ability, especially on wet and icy roadways.

Anti-lock braking systems, also known as ABS, are controlled by a sophisticated computer, enhancing the efficiency of the brakes and providing extra safety for Rocky Mount area drivers. When you need to make a sudden stop, the anti-lock brakes help prevent the wheels from locking up, allowing you to maintain control in all kinds of challenging conditions.

Brakes and Brake Repair

At Auto Pro in Shelby Township, MI we are dedicated to the safety of all area drivers. If you are worried about your brakes, you can rely on one of our ASE-certified technicians to provide the service you need to keep you and your family safer behind the wheel.

From simple safety checks to extensive brake repairs, we can provide all the service you need to stay safe on the road. We will evaluate your vehicle, make recommendations and provide the expert repairs you need.

Brake Fluid Flush

We can also evaluate the condition of your brake fluid, something that many area drivers ignore. Over time, that fluid can pick up dirt and debris, and that contamination can interfere with your ability to stop safely in an emergency. When this contamination reaches a critical point, you may notice an increase in your stopping distances or see that your brake pedal travels further than it once did.

By flushing the brake fluid, you can eliminate this contamination and enjoy a safer ride. We can provide the brake fluid flush and fill you need, and that is just one of the many services we provide.

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