Transmission Repair & Service

From sport utility vehicles to passenger vans, from staid sedans to high-powered sports cars, every vehicle on the road relies on its transmission to keep it moving. The transmission has a critical job to do, and it needs the right maintenance to stay running strong.

Neglecting your transmission could cost you dearly, and an ounce of prevention could be worth more than a pound of cure. Regular maintenance is the best way to protect your transmission, so you can enjoy the road ahead.

Why Should You Flush Your Transmission Fluid?

Flushing out the transmission fluid in your vehicle and replacing it with new fluid is the best way to keep your vehicle shifting smoothly. Over time, the transmission fluid inside the crankcase loses its protective qualities, leaving the moving parts inside vulnerable to wear and tear.

Old transmission fluid is often contaminated with things like varnish and deposits of sludge. Those deposits can interfere with the normal operation of the transmission, and in extreme cases they can lead to real damage. By flushing the transmission fluid and replacing it, you can avoid this ongoing damage and help your transmission last longer.

A Leading Cause of Failure

As many as 9 in 10 transmission failures are the direct result of contaminated transmission fluid and fluid breakdown. If you suspect the fluid in your own transmission is contaminated, it is time to do something about it, but changing the fluid in your transmission is not as simple as replacing the oil in your engine.

When you change the oil, the fluid is completely drained through the plug in the bottom of the pan. Unfortunately, transmission fluid cannot be drained in the same manner, and that presents challenges for both drivers and repair shops. Even after most of the transmission fluid has been drained, some stays behind – in the torque converter, in the valve body and in the transmission lines themselves. Even so, there is a safe and secure way to drain your transmission fluid.

How to Flush the Transmission Fluid

Many transmission fluid flushes remove just one fourth of the fluid, leaving behind three quarters of the contamination and putting your transmission at risk. Simply adding new transmission fluid to the remaining fluid is not enough to protect your vehicle. In fact, it could actually lead to problems instead of prevent them.

That is why we do our transmission fluid changes differently. When you bring your vehicle to us, our experienced techs will use our equipment to safely remove nearly all, if not all, of the fluid in your transmission. When we are done, we will top off the transmission with fresh fluid – so your transmission stays protected.

This fluid exchange is the key to a long lasting transmission, but regular maintenance can also clean the transmission cooler and protect the lines. Fluid exchange can also protect the valve body and torque converter, while removing worn metal that would otherwise damage the delicate internal components in the transmission. Unlike other transmission flushes, our fluid exchange is designed to clean your system while keeping it protected.

If the vehicle you drive is showing signs of transmission trouble, like grinding gears or sluggish performance, it is time for a complete fluid exchange. Just bring your vehicle to us for the service you need, so you can enjoy many more problem-free miles.

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